Genealogy of Tracey and Uebelhoer


.This family tree project started off with a complete set of my great-great grandparents.  After talking to others, I quickly realized how lucky I was to have this starting point….

My father’s parents both came over from Ireland. They came from different counties and met in the United States.  My paternal grandfather’s family (Treacy) came from county Galway (Tuam) while my paternal grandmother’s family (Kilcoyne) came from county Sligo (Dawros/Dauveris and Corsallagh). 

My mother’s parents both came from Lancaster, NY.  My maternal grandfather’s family (Uebelhoer) came from Erie County,  New York and Pittsburgh, PA.  My maternal grandmother’s family Logal (Logel, Laugel) came from Sheldon, Wyoming County, New York.  Her family comes from a number of small towns, where many others have been doing research for years.  So for half of my mother's family, we were able to link into existing research.   

The initial goal of this website is to link to other websites of related families and locations.  Also to provide a place to document some research.


 I welcome all comments, questions, corrections and additions.