Genealogy of Walker/Wachter/Wacker family of Alden, NY


The Walker family came from Alsace France.  The last name has various spellings including... Walker, Wacher, Wacker, Wachter

My great great grandmother is Elizabeth Walker.  Her parents were Nicholas Walker and Margaret Grass.  It appears that both Nicholas and Margaret were from Alsace France, but it is unknown when they immigrated or if they were married in the US or back in their native country. All of their children were born in the USA.  Elizabeth Walker married Joseph Berger in Pittsburgh, PA.  The family does not know what brought Elizabeth to Pittsburgh because a few a of her siblings stayed in New York (though we don't know what happened to a couple of the children)

In the 1850's there was another Walker family in Alden/Lancaster area who were also from Alsace.  This family's father is Francis Walker (and his wife appears to be Maria Girard.  All but one his children were born in Alsace, the youngest was born in New York.  It also appears that many of his children also ended up in Pittsburgh, PA..  The combination of the census, immigration and baptism records, appear to match pretty well.  The names and ages on the census and immigration generally match (also the occupations match)  The only thing that is a bit inconsistent is the wife's name.  She appears as Charlotte in some records, but mostly she appears as Maria. And the marriage record for Margaret Walker the mother appears as Reg Schira. 

If you go through baptism records you find that... A couple of the baptism records for children of Nicholas Walker appear to have Mathias Walker as a baptismal sponsors.   Many of the baptism sponsors for Elizabeth's children (iu Pittsburgh), appear to be descendents of Francis Walker.

Assuming that these two families are related, I have researched both families, in the hope that it leads me to determining their genealogy.  Most of this information came through census and church records.


 I welcome all comments, questions, corrections and additions.