Saint Nicodemus Lutheran Church

12029 Liberia Road East Aurora

Saint Nicodemus was a German Lutheran church which started in the 1850s.  It still exists today and is located on the crossroads of Liberia Road and 2 Rod Road.

I have a copy of what is a known complete set of church records  The copies I have are copies of copies.  The church no longer lets people look at the originals and have copies people can look at.  But with these copies some pages missing (in fact I can't find my great-grandmother or any of her siblings baptism records and we are sure they attended this church).  We were told that the copies reflected the originals.  Some of the older records are in old German which makes them difficult to decipher.  I will slowly be putting these on the web.   If you would like a copy of the record or you think you can help decipher something, please email me.

Records Exist for the following