Marilla, NY Cemeteries

Here are links to other websites which document the cemeteries where my Marilla ancestors are buried.

Marilla Cemeteries - Link to all the Marilla Cemeteries

 Maple Rest Cemetery  - From reviewing the St Nicodemus Records, this cemetery has many families which attended that church.  Family and Cousins who are buried at this cemetery include Otto and Gertrude Schmidt.

Evergreen Cemetery (Actually in Wales) - At this cemetery, my great great great grandparents Edward and Pauline (Stein) Schmidt are buried.  Buried with them are also their children who died as small children. The children Bertha,  Johanna, Johann, and Wihelm were initially buried at the Old Germany Cemetery in Marilla (Don't know what/where this is/was, if anyone knows please let me know) and were transferred to Evergreen on March 24, 1884 which appears around the time when their son August died.